Organic Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds

Organic Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds

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50 seeds

This is my favorite easy to grow tomato!  In all the tests I’ve done, this tomato sprouts the fastest and grows the strongest.  It’s big, exuberant, and prolific. And the large (for a cherry) tomatoes are a nice blend of sweet and acid.  Pair them with our Thai basil for an unusual and delicious flavor combination!

To grow Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes:  Start seeds indoors about 8-10 weeks before you plan to plant them out into your garden.  In California I aim to plant out in April-May. In colder places June is a good bet. Make sure all danger of frost is past.

Thin seedlings to just one strong plant per pocket in your starters.  Fun fact: If you touch your tomato seedlings frequently, they grow faster.  Try it! Pet half your seedlings daily and leave the other half alone. It’s remarkable!

When the seedlings have 2-3 sets of true leaves, and/or you notice their growth slowing, transplant them to a 4” pot, burying the plant to about halfway up its stem.  Tomatoes will grow more roots from the stem, creating a stronger plant. Make sure they’re planted in rich potting soil, and give them an organic feed every week.

When starts are about 12” - 18” tall, and quite strong, plant them out to a warm sunny spot in the garden, being careful not to plant where tomatoes were last year, as that can cause disease.  Again, bury the stem about halfway to encourage root growth. Keep them deeply watered and well fed, and you should have an abundant crop by August. (Maybe even July!)