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Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds

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(If you can't add a style to your cart, that means it's currently out of stock.  Factory seconds stock changes frequently.)

These pots are the same as our regular 12-pack and Sixie, and Saucer, but have cosmetic flaws.  They are guaranteed to work perfectly, but they've got some extra “character.”  Some examples of flaws are:  glaze tests with colors or textures that didn't come out how we liked, smudges or extra drips of glaze, dents and bumps, funny shaped holes for the corks, tiny cracks that come from clay drying unevenly, etc.  (The tiny cracks are indeed very small, and only on the top surface of the pot where they do not cause leaks or affect the function in any way.)

We do not offer color choice for seconds, as the stock changes day-to-day. If you do have a preference, please note it during check out, and if that color is available, we'll send it to you.  If not, we'll choose the next best thing.

*By “factory” we mean just the six of us working in 1,000 square feet in a little industrial neighborhood in Oakland CA.  “Factory seconds” means that these pots are made by hand and they don't always turn out exactly perfect.  So we're not really a factory, but we like the sound of it!

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