Organic 3 Root Grex Beet

Organic 3 Root Grex Beet

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This open pollinated beet variety yields a mix of golden, pink and orange roots with delicious greens. Breeding work by Alan Kapuler of Oregon. 

Beets are one of the only root crops that tolerate transplanting, making them much easier to grow than those you have to direct seed.  This variety is an unusual blend of 3 heirlooms, and retains the ability to look like all three.  Beets will be varied in color, but all will have long tapers and abundant tasty greens.

 Start seeds in cells or Orta pots, planted ¼” – ½” deep with just one seed per cell to avoid having to separate seedlings, which could damage roots.  Because beet seeds are actually clusters of seeds, you may end up with multiple seedlings anyway.  Thin by cutting rather than pulling extra seedlings.  Beets are ready to transplant when they have 2 sets of leaves (one set of true leaves).  Don’t wait too long because bigger plants will have bigger roots more prone to damage.  Transplant more carefully than usual to minimize root disturbance.

 Saving seed:  Beets are a biennial, which means they won’t set seed until their second season.  Leave one plant to overwinter and then flower next spring / summer.  Beets can cross-pollinate with other beet varieties and chard, so it’s important to only let one variety flower at a time if you want to save pure seed.  To save the seed, wait until about 2/3 of the seeds are brown, then cut the whole stalk and hang it to dry.  Save the seeds in paper in a cool, dry place.

50 seeds per pack