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Thai Basil

Thai Basil

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This is the seed that launched Orta.  I LOVE Thai basil, but it’s nearly impossible to find starts of it at the nursery, and it’s not available as a cut herb at the market.  I tried and failed to grow it from seed many years in a row before I finally decided to build self-watering planters to keep it alive. I hope you love growing and eating it as much as I do!

To grow Thai Basil:  Start seeds indoors.  (In your Orta pot, if you have one!)  Keep them moist and as warm as you can.  They’ll germinate quickly on a heat mat or over a radiator.  Left at normal cool winter indoor temps, they can take up to a month to germinate.  

When the seedlings have 2-4 sets of true leaves, transplant them to a bigger pot or to a protected outdoor herb bed.  Pinch off the top set of leaves to encourage sideways branching. Keep them sheltered until all threat of cold and frost have past.

When weather is truly warm, plant basil outdoors in full sun, in the warmest spot in your garden, and keep it well watered.  Harvest regularly, and always remove flowers, to encourage fresh new growth. Your basil will last until weather turns cool in the fall.

Photo credit:  Wikimedia commons, with this license

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