Shipping Resumes January 2nd. Happy Holidays!



Baby plants bring hope and new life to this dark winter season!

Spring seedling season follows quickly on the heels of the holidays.  And microgreens keep you in fresh greens through the winter.

Gifts for Families and Children

Microgreen Kits 

Kids love getting their hands dirty!  Our microgreen kits even come with the dirt.  They can have their hands in the dirt 2 minutes after unwrapping the present and  be eating the greens they plant about a week later.  (Grownups:  You do need to add water before things get really messy, so you can delay the dirt if you need to!)

Sixie Self-Watering Pot

It's small and cute (just like the kids!) and makes a manageable tool for their first seed starting projects

Gifts for Experienced Gardeners

Self-Watering Seed Pots

Experienced gardeners almost always prefer to buy just the self-watering pots, without any seeds or soil because they already have their own!  Bigger pots and more of them is better for avid gardeners.  But if they haven't heard of us before, you can always start them off with one small pot to introduce them to the magic of self-watering terracotta!

Gift Cards

If you know they want something from us, but you're not sure what!

Gifts for Apartment Dwellers

Large Microgreen Kit

The best way to grow fresh greens indoors year round.  And they're especially useful through the winter when you need something growing to cheer up an indoor space.

Square and Rectangle Seed Pots

The same pots as the microgreen kits, but without seeds and soil, make great pots for propagating succulents and houseplants.  Perfect for the urban plant parent!


Sold Out products come back quickly!

It's been a wild year, and our inventory levels reflect that.  We're making pots as fast as we can, and updating inventory a couple times a week.  If you really want a particular item, please sign up to receive an email alert for when it's back in stock.  Or you can always get a gift card for them to use after the rush.



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