Australian Yellow Lettuce Seeds

Australian Yellow Lettuce Seeds

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Bright yellow-green lettuce from Australia, known for exceptional heat tolerance.  ~ 200 seeds per pack.

How to grow and save seeds from lettuce:

You can either direct sow lettuce seed (sprinkling directly into your garden beds or containers) or start in seed pots.  I definitely do better starting lettuce in pots and then transplanting out.  In my garden, the teeny sprouts of germinating lettuce just get mowed down by slugs!

Lettuce is one of the few seeds that germinates better at cooler temperatures – between 65 and 75 F.  Over 80 degrees for even a few hours will inhibit germination.  Once they’re sprouted they’ll tolerate warmer temperatures.  They also need a bit of light to germinate.  Don’t bury them too deeply, and don’t start them in a dark corner.  It might be a trick in hot weather to find a spot that’s both cool and light!

Once they’re growing outside, keep well-watered, especially when it’s hot.  They’ll benefit from afternoon shade – or even a light shade cloth - in the hottest climates. 

Harvest before plants begin to bolt to avoid tough, bitter flavors.  You can tell bolting is beginning when the center of the lettuce begins to bulge upwards and the stem gets longer between leaves.

Save seed by letting one of the plants completely bolt.  It will get super tall and make tufts of cottony seeds.  Collect the seeds when they are dry and come away easily.