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Festivity sweet corn

Festivity sweet corn

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Festivity is a multi-colored sweet corn developed in OR by the late breeder Jonathan Spero and pledged as an Open Source Seed variety. The vigorous plants tolerate cool soils and will often produce up to 3-4 ears per plant. Color intensifies as the cobs mature with red, yellow, blue, pink and white kernels. Harvest ears to eat when the kernels produce a milky fluid or let mature further for roasting quality.

Sow corn either directly in the ground, or indoors if your winter is long. 

Direct sow:  Best for mild winters.  Sow seeds directly into rich soil when all chance of frost has past and the weather is warming up in April or May. 

Indoor sowing:  Plant each seed in its own cell to minimize root disturbance on transplanting.  Plant out in May or June when chance of frost has past.

For both methods, aim to have your final planting shaped like a block (rather than a row) with each plant spaced about a foot apart.  Because corn is wind-pollinated, a block gives a better chance for pollen to reach flowers than a row, where it can blow away.

Festivity is an open source variety and pledged to the Open Source Seed Initiative.

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