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Mid-East Prolific Cucumber

Mid-East Prolific Cucumber

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This is the first cucumber that I’ve truly loved to grow.  The “prolific” part of the name is no joke!  I had 4 of these plants growing together on one trellis, and harvested 5-10 cucumbers a week from August to November.  The neighbors got a lot of cucumbers, and I learned to make pickles. The vinegar “quick pickle” method is definitely easier!

You can start these seeds indoors in Orta pots, but they grow fast and will need to be transplanted to 4” pots or the ground a couple weeks after sowing.  Or you can wait until the soil feels warm to the touch and just direct seed.  To direct seed, plant 2-3 seeds in a group, and thin to the most vigorous plant once they’re about 4” tall.

Cucumbers love heat, though this variety did fine in our foggy, cool East Bay summer.  Water deeply and regularly for best growth.  Amend the soil with compost before planting, and fertilize regularly through the season.  All members of the cucumber / squash family are heavy feeders.

To save seed, see the series on the Orta blog about saving zucchini seed, here and here.  It’s the same process.

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