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Blue Grey Speckled Tepary

Blue Grey Speckled Tepary

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Tepary beans are one of the most drought-tolerant food plants, and this year a lot of North America is facing severe drought.  Most of us are not growing all our own food, but it’s nice to dip a toe into backyard food security and get acquainted with a plant that provides us with lots of protein on very little water.  Native to the Southwestern United States.

Direct sow these beans into the ground once soil feels warm to the touch.  Sow thickly, just a few inches between beans, with closely spaced rows. They will form a thicket that does not need trellising.  Let the beans dry on the vine and harvest the whole patch together.  Lay the dried plants onto a tarp, fold it over and stomp on it to break the pods and release the beans. 

The beans you harvest and eat are the same as the seeds you plant next year.  So if you like them, set aside a small handful for seed.

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