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Plastic-Free Pots, Bundle of 6

Plastic-Free Pots, Bundle of 6

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Perfect for transplanting seeds started in Orta Self-Watering pots to grow seedlings on until they're ready for the garden.

Compostable step up pots last up to 5 years for multiple uses before composting. Made from renewable grain fibers. An earth-friendly alternative to plastic in your garden.  

Available in sizes Small (2.375"), Medium (3.5") and Large (4.25") and in colors Avocado and Natural. 

  • Suitable for all climates, environments and applications where plastic containers are used.
  • Created with excellent heat insulating characteristics that result in outstanding root development and overall plant performance.
  • Effective at promoting drainage and ensuring proper air movement.
  • Show no damage when exposed to freezing or thawing conditions. 
  • Intended for use above-ground only. 

Pots are designed to last up to five years outdoors, and up to twice as long indoors. They will keep their shape and clean surface until the end of their functional life.

These pots are made from rice hulls and natural binding agents, which are starch-based, water-soluble, and biodegradable. No pollutants are used or produced at any stage of the manufacturing process. 

Only after the pots have been discarded into a municipal compost or landfill facility will decomposition take place. They will break down into nutrient-rich organic matter with a PH of 7.0.

Small Size: 2.375" across top, $0.75 each

Medium Size: 3.5" across top, $1 each

Large Size: 4.25" across top, $1.50 each

Sold in bundles of six pots.  Prices above are for six.

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