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Seed-Starting Kit, Zero Waste

Seed-Starting Kit, Zero Waste

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Get all the essentials in this plastic-free Seed-Starting Kit. 

Kit includes:

Perfect for anyone looking for the equipment to start seeds right, every time, without creating any waste.

As with all Orta Self-Watering Seed Pots, water your 12-pack just once a week for thriving baby plants. Porous terracotta wicks water from the reservoir to give seedlings perfect moisture. Plants pop out for easy transplant. Reuse your seed pot for a lifetime.  More detailed information about how the pots work here.

Our Dirt Bag seed starting mix is the perfect blend to get seedlings off to a great start, and is comes in compostable paper packaging.

The Step-Up Pots are just the right size for transplanting your seedlings when they outgrow the 12-Pack Self-Watering Pot. Resiliant and tough, the pots are made of surplus grain fibers. Designed to last up to five years outdoors, they can last up to twice as long indoors. At the end of their lifecycle, they break down in industrial composting (like the curbside green bins).

We've chosen arugula and calendula as the seeds to get you started because both are easygoing plants that will have you growing your own in no time.  Arugula is tasty to eat, and calendula is a lovely flower with edible petals that are also used for skin care.

12-Pack Self-Watering Seed Pot pockets measure approximately 2" across and 2" deep.

Medium Step-Up Pots measure 3.5" across.

All products included are plastic-free; all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. 

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