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Organic Mikola Lettuce

Organic Mikola Lettuce

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A dependable, tasty butterhead variety that used to be common for commercial growers, Mikola was almost lost to gardeners until Turtle Tree Seeds brought it back.  It reliably forms small-to-medium succulent heads, even in heat.  It can also be grown as a cut-and-come-again lettuce.

To grow:  Start seeds in trays or Orta pots, taking care to keep the seeds moderately cool.  Lettuce germination slows over 80F.  Light aids germination.  Thin baby plants to one per cell, and then plant them out to the garden when they have 4-6 sets of leaves.  Keep well-watered as they grow.

 To save seed, wait for the plant to flower and make small tufts of fluffy seeds.  Save the whole head in a paper bag or envelope.  Once they’re completely dry, you can separate the seed from the fluff, but it’s not necessary.  No need to worry about cross-pollination with lettuce.

200 seeds per pack

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