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Organic Mizuna

Organic Mizuna

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Mizuna is the star of my veggie garden lately.  Unfussy, cold tolerant, and quite prolific for cut-and-come-again crops.  I have just 5 plants growing in my garden now and they’ve been providing about one substantial salad per week for the last few months.  It’s also really tasty, in a way you can’t get from the store. Because it’s so cold tolerant, this will be your first harvest in the spring.  

To grow Mizuna: Start seeds indoors, and transplant out just before the last frost (if you have frosts).  It can germinate in low temperatures, and can take a bit of frost once established. You can direct seed mizuna into the garden, but I’ve had trouble with weed pressure and slugs at the beginning.

Once the leaves are abundant and about 8” tall, harvest them by cutting the plant back almost to the ground.  It will resprout a new crop in a couple weeks. To have a succession of harvests, seed a fresh batch of mizuna every few weeks through the winter and spring, and then again in the late summer for fall harvests.

Photo Credit:  From wikimedia commons, with this license

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