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Organic Parade Bunching Onion - Allium fistulosum

Organic Parade Bunching Onion - Allium fistulosum

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This is a vigorous and tasty variety of bunching onion.  You can grow them several ways: 

  1. Direct sow about 10 seeds together in a 3" diameter pattern to form a "bunch" that you pull and harvest all at once.
  2. Start in flats and plant them out individually, burying the stem about 2" down to increase the blanched white part of the onion.
  3. Plant in a permanent spot and, instead of pulling the onion to harvest it, just cut the top off, down to about an inch above ground.  Though normally grown as annuals, these are actually perennials and can give you many harvests from your green onion patch.

The whites are firm and hold up to cooking.  The greens are chive-like and best eaten fresh.


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