How It Works

Fill the pot with water about once a week.  The natural wicking of terracotta gives seedlings gentle moisture they need to thrive.

We’ve done a huge amount of technical work so that you don’t have to. Beautiful on the outside, hardworking on the inside, Orta Seed Pots are tuned to give seedlings and cuttings exactly the right amount of moisture.



These are the instructions that are printed on the package, along with some extra tips

Fill each pocket with seed starting mix and 3-5 seeds, or one cutting.

Tip: Use a special purpose seed starting mix like our Dirt Bags for best results.  Seedlings like fluffy, low nutrient mixes.

Tip: Seeds have different requirements for their best growth. Look up whether they prefer heat or cold, light or darkness, and how deep to bury them.
Fill the reservoir with water.
Place in a very sunny spot or under a grow light and refill reservoir when dry,
about once a week.

 Tip: In windy or very warm weather, your pots will dry out much more quickly.  In damp cold weather, you may want to give your pot extra warmth and air circulation.
Once seedlings have sprouted, thin them to one plant per pocket.
When your seedlings have several sets of leaves or the cuttings sprout new growth,
they are ready to be transplanted.

Tip: For some plants this can be as fast as a couple weeks, and for others this can take months.  Another way to tell if your plants need to be transplanted is if their growth slows.  It's best to keep your plants growing without slowing down.
To remove a plant from its pocket, pull very gently on the base of its stem. You may need to go around the edges with a knife (or a plastic plant marker), like loosening a cake from its pan.

Tip: To avoid damaging seedlings with delicate stems, pull gently on a leaf while lifting from below.
If you have any questions about your Orta Seed Pot, please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!