About Us


Founded in 2011 with the mission to help everyone grow their own, Orta today is a small business handcrafting seed pots in Oakland CA.

Orta comes from the Italian word for kitchen garden. A traditional kitchen garden is a source of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers for your family and friends: The perfect balance of beauty and function, like our pots!



Orta is here to help you succeed with your own kitchen garden, using products you can feel good about. Our 100% plastic-free products (that arrive in plastic-free packaging) are guaranteed to help you grow your own vegetables, flowers, and succulents from seeds and cuttings.

All Orta Seed Pots are handmade in California with our non-toxic and energy efficient processes. 

We are a team of five friendly people tirelessly making the very best terracotta seed pots in the world. (We’re also the only ones who do it – we invented the product and the process.)