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"Orta pots are amazing! Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are highly functional too. Germination is fantastically consistent."

Trish, May 2019

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Regular blog updates with Pandemic gardening ideas

Seed Saving Nerd Out Part 1: Plant Reproduction

Seed Saving Nerd Out Part 1: Plant Reproduction

This is part 1 of a series that goes deeper than usual into the botany behind seeds to help you become a better seed saver. Mechanically speaking,...
Tomato Disaster and Recovery (I hope)

Tomato Disaster and Recovery (I hope)

When we returned home from 2 nights of camping (the first time we've left home since February), the tomatoes had completely collapsed.  After about...
Deadhead to Increase Harvests and Prolong Flowering

Deadhead to Increase Harvests and Prolong Flowering

Deadheading is the single most important garden job to keep flowers blooming for as long as possible.  And it's really quite easy.  Snip off all o...

"One of my best investments!  Invest in these and discover a tool that's perennially in use."

Jeannie, March 2019

Water Once a Week for Thriving Baby Plants

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"It's 100% successful and I don't have to spend a lot of time on it.  I just love them.

Lorena, Santa Clara CA

Saving Money and Plastic, on the way Towards Zero Waste

“It really took the anxiety and guesswork out of the most difficult part of getting started. For new growers like myself, I'd consider it a required tool.” 

Peggy, Santa Rosa CA

“I couldn’t start tomatoes from seed before, but now I can!” 

Tallulah, Oakland CA

“I just ordered my fifth self-watering seed starter. They have really performed beautifully and all my seeds have sprouted easily in them. The self watering feature works like a charm and helps germinate the seeds on a consistent basis”

Cynthia, Santa Rosa CA

Handmade with Love, to Last a Lifetime

All Orta seed pots are handmade in California.
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