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Self-Watering Seed Pots, Handmade of Terracotta in California

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Water Once a Week for Thriving Baby Plants

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"It's 100% successful and I don't have to spend a lot of time on it.  I just love them.

Lorena, Santa Clara CA

Saving Money and Plastic, on the way Towards Zero Waste

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“I couldn’t start tomatoes from seed before, but now I can!” 

Tallulah, Oakland CA

“It really took the anxiety and guesswork out of the most difficult part of getting started. For new growers like myself, I'd consider it a required tool.” 

Peggy, Santa Rosa CA

“I just ordered my fifth self-watering seed starter. They have really performed beautifully and all my seeds have sprouted easily in them. The self watering feature works like a charm and helps germinate the seeds on a consistent basis”

Cynthia, Santa Rosa CA

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Handmade with Love, to Last a Lifetime

All Orta seed pots are handmade in California.

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Winter Solstice Traditions for Gardeners

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How to dye fabric red with a drought tolerant plant you can grow yourself

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How to Save Tomato Seeds

How to Save Tomato Seeds

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