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I don't like to play favorites, but this is

The prettiest, cleanest, easiest way to grow your own microgreens.

Grow your own microgreens even in the ambient light of your kitchen.  Refill from us, or from another supplier - no costly proprietary subscriptions required!

Get Your Large Microgreen Kit Here


"After being super successful with the square kit, I took the plunge and got the bigger one. No regrets at all: It grows just as well as the smaller one. Plus, having watched some more microgreen grow videos, I definitely appreciate how the seed starter eliminates the extra chores of shopping for and measuring out fertilizer and gets water to all parts of the soil. Plus, it's way more beautiful than a plastic tray.

The kit literally comes with everything you need and provides plenty of instructions on cute postcards.
"  - Melody, October 2020

Have you been thinking about growing your own microgreens?

But the other kits out there are plastic and you worry about the leaching?

Or you worry you don't have enough space or light?  Or time to water

Or you *already know* you want the Orta kit, but have been waiting for it to go on sale?

Let's get you a Large Microgreen Kit!  


The large kit is enough to keep you in baby greens all week.

You fill the reservoir once a week, and the baby plants get all the water they need.

No over-watering.

No under-watering.

And no need for any more light than what's already in your kitchen.



Everything you need for tidy counter-top growing.


No plastic.

No toxins.

No need for extra grow lights or any electronics at all.

Organic seeds and OMRI listed soil for organic growing.

Each kit has enough seeds and soil for FOUR crops.

Refill from us, or another supplier.  No costly proprietary subscriptions required.

The sale ends Sunday August 28th at NOON Pacific time.



I want you to succeed.

(Like for realzies.)

That's why I started Orta, and why every pot comes with detailed instructions and a lifetime guarantee. 

Did you know about our guarantee?


Orta's crazy good risk-free guarantee


If you don't love your pot, we accept returns forever.  If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace it forever.

Why?  Because we've received maybe 20 returns ever.  Our pots work as advertised. 

And when the occasional inevitable manufacturing errors happen (I mean, we're talking about handmade ceramics here!) it's our responsibility to make it right.

Why not give it a try?


 “I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality and clever design of the Orta pots, the really responsible way they're packed for shipping, and for your care with your customers  . . .  All my Orta pots are in use right now. I love them.” - Diane, Feb 2022