Flash Sale! Double Discount Seconds!

Factory second rectangle for $85 $59 $47 each (!) through August 31st at noon Pacific time.

This sale has ended.


But there's another sale on today!



"I used my rectangle self-watering seed tray to start my parsley seeds in the kitchen and growing them was a snap. I especially liked that I only had to water the seedlings once a week." - Mavis, Jun 2022


A self-watering workhorse.

(And very affordable today!)

Factory seconds are "cosmetically challenged" pots.  They may have glaze smudges, weird bumps, superficial cracks or scrapes, or off colors.  They come with the same lifetime functional guarantee as our regular pots, but at a much lower price.

The rectangle can:

--> Start seedlings

--> Grow microgreens

--> Root cuttings

--> Root succulents (while looking elegant, I might add) 

--> Root and display houseplants


This is a pot that will be in use year-round.

 And like all our pots, it is:

Self-watering - fill the reservoir once a week!



Packaged in paper

Made in California


The sale ends Thursday August 31st at NOON Pacific time.



I want you to succeed.

(Like for realzies.)

That's why I started Orta, and why every pot comes with detailed instructions and a lifetime guarantee. 

Did you know about our guarantee?


Orta's crazy good risk-free guarantee


If you don't love your pot, we accept returns forever.  If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace it forever.

Why?  Because we've received maybe 20 returns ever.  Our pots work as advertised. 

And when the occasional inevitable manufacturing errors happen (I mean, we're talking about handmade ceramics here!) it's our responsibility to make it right.

Why not give it a try?


 “I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality and clever design of the Orta pots, the really responsible way they're packed for shipping, and for your care with your customers  . . .  All my Orta pots are in use right now. I love them.” - Diane, Feb 2022