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Factory Second Sixie

Factory Second Sixie

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**Backordered due to unprecedented demand!  You can still place your order and we'll fulfill it as the pots become available.  Current lead time is 6 months.  We're retooling to meet this demand faster . . . Thank you for your patience!**

Seconds are our "insider" pots, available only occasionally, and only to newsletter subscribers and now our new Ultimate Bundle friends.  (Welcome new friends!)

These pots are the same as our regular Sixie but have cosmetic flaws.  They are guaranteed to work perfectly (as in, we'll replace them if they don't), but they've got some extra “character.”  

Some examples of flaws are: glaze tests with colours or textures that didn't come out quite perfectly like smudges or drips, the pots could be uniquely shaped, with bumps or grooves or funny shaped cork holes. Some might have tiny cracks along to top from the clay drying unevenly, these are very small indeed and do not leak or affect the functionality in any way.

These pots are unique, only fitting for our wonderful customers that are themselves one of a kind. 

Some examples of flaws are:  glaze tests with colors or textures that didn't come out how we liked, smudges or extra drips of glaze, dents and bumps, funny shaped holes for the corks, tiny cracks that come from clay drying unevenly, etc.  (The tiny cracks are indeed very small, and only on the top surface of the pot where they do not cause leaks or affect the function in any way.)

We do not offer color choice for seconds.

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