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Row Olla -- Beta test page
Row Olla -- Beta test page
Row Olla -- Beta test page
Row Olla -- Beta test page

Row Olla -- Beta test page

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These are the newest thing from Orta!  Self-watering underground pots.

Each olla (say it OY-ya) holds about 1.5 gallons of water and needs to be refilled about once a week (depending of course on temperatures, soil type, etc.).  Dimensions are 18" x 5" 10".

These are most definitely prototypes!  We're still figuring out how to produce these up to our usual standard clean finish.  But each one holds water perfectly.  And the cosmetic flaws will mostly be underground . . .  :)

The beta test price covers our cost of materials ($30) plus shipping ($20).  And I hope that in exchange for beta test pricing, you'll write to tell me how the pot works for you!  I'm especially interested to know:

  1. How big of an area does this water for you?  What type of soil do you have?
  2. How frequently do you have to water?
  3. Can you tell any difference in the health of plants watered with an olla compared to overhead watering?

If you'd like to pick up in person, please send me a note and I'll refund shipping charges.

If you get more than one, and I can save on shipping cost, I'll refund you the difference.

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