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Seed Starters

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"Orta pots are amazing! Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are highly functional too. Germination is fantastically consistent."

~ Trish, May 2019

Here's a fancy trick for more homegrown produce for less money: *START SEEDS!*

100 heads of lettuce costs ~$250.00

100 lettuce seedlings costs ~$120.00

100 lettuce seeds costs ~$4.00

Not even close!!

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"So why aren't you starting, like, billions of seeds?" - Us

"Are you crazy? That's waaaay too hard. All my seedlings die on me." - You

"Did you use Orta Self-Watering pots last time?" - Us

" Ummmm . . ." - You

"That's why we're here! To make your seed starting a success. Your seedlings will stay alive. Promise." - Us

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One of the best investments! Invest in these and descover a tool that's perennially in use."

~ Jeannie, March 2019

Water *Once a Week* for Thriving Baby Plants

Self-watering means vegetables, flowers, herbs, houseplants, and cuttings all start easily and successfully.  You just fill the reservoir once a week.

Naturally porous terracotta wicks water to nurture your seedlings with just the moisture they need.

No more over-watering! No more under-watering!

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"It's 100% successful and I don't have to spend a lot of time on it.  I just love them."

~ Lorena, Santa Clara CA

Saving Money and Plastic, Towards Zero Waste!

Our plastic-free pots arrive in plastic-free packaging.  Every time you use your Orta pot, you save single-use nursery pots.

Not to mention saving $$! Your 12-pack pays for itself after just three uses.

Plants pop out easily.  Made from durable terracotta, your Orta pot is a lifetime investment in plastic-free gardening.

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No space? No problem.

Our zero-waste microgreen kits use the same Orta self-watering magic to grow greens on your window ledge.

No subscription or expensive proprietary refills required. Our kits come with everything you need to get started. After that, refill from us, or explore bulk seeds and soils on your own!

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“It really took the anxiety and guesswork out of the most difficult part of getting started. For new growers like myself, I'd consider it a required tool.” 

~ Peggy, Santa Rosa CA

(say it "Oy-ya")

And Introducing . . . All-New, Water-Saving Ollas!

Bury ollas in the ground.

Water seeps through the terracotta to water roots below the surface.

Happy plants with WAY less water!

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Handmade with Love, to Last a Lifetime

All Orta seed pots are handmade in California.


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