picture of organic homegrown kale grown from seed


Get Set Up To Win With Robust Seeds  Every Season.

Stop worrying you're doing it wrong and start sowing (and saving!) resilient seed that's been hand-picked and vetted for success.



"In a sea of modern day subscriptions ranging from wines to soaps, this has to be one of the coolest ones. Really happy with the first batch of seeds I received a few months ago and seriously looking forward to the next one. Give it a shot, you won't regret it!"  - Eduardo

Have you ever short-circuited when looking at seed catalogs??

There are just so many choices out there! 

How do you know which seeds are robust?  

How do you know where the seeds come from?

How do you know if the genetics are frail or resilient?

Let me save you time and effort!  

With the Orta seed club, I'll send you 5 varieties of seeds every season, all edible, all hand-picked for strong genetics, high yields, and long-term seed saving. 

Strong genetics, btw, means that the seeds have a lot of genetic diversity, as opposed to having been inbred over many generations.  More genetic diversity means that while individual plants show slight variation, as a population they will cope better with unpredictable weather.

Lettuce grown from seed


"I am a new gardener who also happens to be a very busy person. The ORTA Seed Club provides me with seeds on a quarterly basis that have been “vetted” by Anne, who really knows what she’s doing. Anne does the legwork and my garden reaps the benefits. I definitely plan to renew my subscription. The seeds are great, and so are Anne’s instructions. She sets you up to win." - Gretchen


Nerdiness has its advantages.

I studied biology and chemistry in college, and can get *really* into genetics.  I actually even created GMO bacteria in a lab as my senior thesis.  (It was for studying disease, not for release into agriculture! Big difference.  But I digress.)

These days, I'm more into weather, soil, climate science, biodiversity and food security.  But the nerdiness persists.  

(Have I mentioned I have *two* microscopes?  One for home and one for work, natch.)

When I search for the next batch of seeds to feature in the seed club, I'm deep in the details of how and where seeds are grown, and by whom.  How much nutrition can you get from these varieties?  How much flavor? Can you save seeds from these varieties?  And will those saved seeds breed true over many generations?

You can take advantage of all that research!




I want you to succeed.

(Like for realzies.)

That's why every dispatch of the seed club includes extremely detailed instructions for each seed:  How to sow, how to grow, how to harvest, how to save seed.  Sometimes even recipes!


The seed club is a labor of love for me.  That's why the price is so reasonable for the quantity and quality of seeds and information you get.   


"I am blown away by the seeds you sent. First of all, the detailed instructions on how to plant and grow each seed is INCREDIBLY helpful - that alone is worth it! But your seed packs have 2 or even 3 times as many seeds as the cheap packs I bought at the store - making yours a much better value.

Thank you so much for offering this. I can't wait to start planting and growing.
Delighted new gardener" - Monica



When you sign up, you'll get:

  • 5 hand-picked, vetted non-GMO seed varieties sent to you every season.  The seeds are almost always organic, except when a grower is too small to afford organic certification.
  • Detailed instructions on how to sow, grow, and save seed from each variety
  • I'll tell you who grew each variety and where, and why I chose them
  • Private zoom call with the grower so you can ask them questions directly.  (And recorded so you can watch it later)
  • Digital archive of all past seed club dispatches.
  • Dispatches are sent around the solstices and equinoxes ever year:  March 21, June 21, September 21, December 21.
  • Free shipping on all Orta online orders 

The club costs $99 per year, and includes 20 packets of seed total.  All taxes and shipping are included in the subscription price.  

Risk-Free Guarantee

The seed club is a great value, especially once you include all the information that comes with each seed packet. 

But if you disagree, you can cancel for a full refund after your first shipment. After that, if you cancel, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the shipments you have not yet received.

The point is for you to be happy with your seeds!  And to learn.  And to grow robust, healthy varieties that you probably weren't going to find on your own.

Why not give it a try?